Well, here we are, with a new website. Welcome to the Clog!

We’ve survived yesterday’s doomsday and had a totally rad time with the Slayer Day Race. One lucky soul got a Pabst cruiser, and everyone looked like they had a great time. We trust you listened to your Slayer CD throughout the night. A big shout out to Sammy at the Summit, thanks for the ‘dogs and beers, scoring the Pabst bike for the raffle was brilliant, thanks. Niki doled out the shots like a champ and saved our racers from imminent death-by-gunfire, and we’re pretty sure everyone found the abandoned overpass, we think most of you arrived at the finish. We hope the laceration heals quickly Lee, it wouldn’t have been very metal if nobody had spilled blood. Congrats to Seth for winning 1st place, and on a damned BMX! If you missed the race, well, we’re disappointed, we know you’ve seen Omen already. So, get over it would you Damien!

What else is new? Well, if you’re reading this, you’ve gotten to our newly updated website. Hopefully you’ll find it easier to navigate and more compelling to check often. We’ll get a mailing list started to let you know when things on the Clog change. (We’ve found this site is best when viewed with Firefox.)

You’ll notice a separate page for getting a copy or subscription of Cranked, as well as a content page that has links to previously printed content. On the content page is also the ride journal of Daniel Featherhead, check this for daily updates on his progress from Seattle to Nova Scotia. Go Daniel! Make sure you check out our calendar page as well, we’re always updating that, so make sure you send us your events. On that calendar page you’ll find that the date is set for this year’s Vibrator, make sure you get that weekend off, and get your ass out to Vashon Island.

As far as other news goes with the Cranked, well, we’ve got a few things up our sleeves and we just cannot wait to reveal them. You’ll simply have to wait…

One thought on “06.07.06”

  1. What have you guys got planned for the next issue? I effing can’t wait for the back issues of #1 to be made available, any idea when that’s gonna happen?

    Keep up the good work!


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