Advertising Specifications

(Download this spec sheet in PDF format)

Cranked is designed with the fabric of our urban setting in mind, the city viewed from the saddle of a bicycle. Advertising in Cranked offers your company the ability to be marketed in an alternative style not commonly found in your mainstream cycling magazines. Our readers are the most dedicated riders out there and advertising in Cranked is a great way to reach them.

Web Advertising Specs & Dimensions:
250 pixels wide by 75 pixels high. JPG format only, no animated GIFs please. These ads will be placed in the website immediately after receipt of payment.

Print Advertising Specs:
Ads extending to the edge or beyond the page require a 1/4” bleed. Live matter must be a 1/4” from the trim size on all sides. Live matter is any and all pertinent data like words, titles, contact information, slogans, etc. All print ads are in vertical, or portrait, orientation.

Via email at if the artwork is less than 7MB. Otherwise, contact us for specific FTP access information. Send all artwork as Mac or PC compatible files (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF, or Quark) ensuring all fonts and graphic links are included.


* $500 for a full page ad
* $260 for a half page
* $150 for the 1/3th page
* $100 for the 1/6th page


* $175 for 12 months online banner ad

Advertising is payable via check or money order made out to Cranked Magazine; online payments through Paypal are also acceptable (send Paypal to Payment in full is required upon submission of artwork.

web banner
$175 for 12 months of online time

(jpg format only, no animated gif files)

full page print
$500 per issue

(bleed size 7.75”w x 9.5”h)

1/2th page print
$260 per issue

(trim size 3.75”w x 9”h)

1/3th page print
$150 per issue

(no bleeded art for third page ads)

1/6th page print
$100 per issue

(no bleeded art for sixth page ads)

**Print Advertising Dimensions:**

* Full Page Bleed: 7.75”w x 9.5”h
* Full Page Trim: 7.5”w x 9”h
* Full Page Live: 7.125”w x 8.625”h

* Half Page Trim: 3.75”w x 9”h
* Half Page Live: 3.375”w x 8.625”h

* Third Page Size: 2.375”w x 8.625”h

* Sixth Page Size: 2.375”w x 4.3125”h

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