Bicycle Noose

page 48, Issue #4

-Michael Webber

New bicycle sales are up in the UK, and a lot of these Britons are riding them more than driving cars, while six percent of them say they never stop at red lights. [source]

China is considering charging a fee to drive into downtown areas in order to combat the increased automobile congestion on their roads. In addition to these tolls, they are planning on preserving and restoring their bicycle lane system to support their once 500 million strong bicycle population. [source]

Even Thailand is feeling the hurt of too many cars. They’re proposing bicycle only lanes as well in order to promote increased bicycle use. [source]

According to the French auto-maker, Citroen, average speeds by motorists in London are only seven miles per hour. [source]

In much contrast to the Tour de France, we in the States have a long distance endurance bicycle race. The Race Across America has been going on since 1982, and this year is the first that competitors are required to rest for at least forty hours across the 9 days to competitively cross the 3052 miles. [source & pdf]

Using FBI data, Kryptonite warns cyclists to lock your bike especially when in New York and other metropolitan areas, but use caution when in Eugene, Oregon who beat out Philadelphia, Oakland, Seattle and Miami in bike theft. [source]

Evidently all cyclists aren’t the lanky types you see almost everyday, one German man, weighing in at 440 lbs was thankful of his bulk when it saved him from worse injury after falling off of his bike and subsequently being struck by a car. [source]

Just as different, the getaway car doesn’t necessarily have to be a car at all as one California bank robber has learned. After holding up a bank, he escapes by bicycle, reportedly numerous times. He has since evidently been apprehended and arrested. [source & related]

Some Amsterdam nuns attempted to waylay a suspected thief with afternoon drinks while alerting the police. When the suspect figured what was occurring he escaped on a stolen bike, at which point the nuns gave their own chase after him on bikes of their own. Unfortunately, these riding nuns were unable to apprehend the thief.

Seemingly grasping at straws, a paper has been written that says those who ride their bicycles in substitution for driving their cars will contribute more carbon emissions throughout their lifetimes. This warped perspective is evidently still a work in progress. [source]

The bicycle is still everyone’s favorite invention according to a recent BBC online poll. It is suggested that because of the bicycle’s simplicity it’s greatest features: universal use, durability and its simple design, it is often ignored. [source]

Funding has been approved for a monument for Major Taylor. The Massachusett’s statue will honor the world champion cyclist (1899) and help in educating more people about his accomplishments and the struggles he overcame throughout his life. [source]

It may not be as full of bikes as Holland, but Davis, California is being touted as the best bicycle town in North America. Holland is a bicycle haven that won’t be bested too easily considering its thirteen million bicycles nearly equals its human population. [source & related]

Local to Cranked, King County Sheriff’s office has dropped any intention to press charges against Zack Treisman and his involvement in June’s Critical Mass scuffle. Zack was arrested after defending Jason Brien against a group of attackers that turned out to be undercover county deputies. [source & full coverage]


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