Chrome Transport

Now here’s a company that is very good to Cranked Magazine. We met Chrome while we went to Interbike last year. They were very supportive and excited to advertise in Cranked as well as let us try out some of their excellent gear. We’ve written about their gear previously, but I just wanted to give them some more concise endorsement here.

I like Chrome, and from the looks of it, so do a lot of people here on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Like many of these folks, I’ve got the shoulder bag, an awesome Christmas gift from the fiancé; she’s got one herself, but to give the people-watchers something new to notice, we should all get ourselves some variety from Chrome. For instance, they’ve got some rad laptop bags and sleeves I’d like to try out. Justin is still rocking the awesome backpack that Chrome sent us to test out. Called the roll-top pack, this thing is sturdy and functional. See Justin’s previous post about it here.

I have tried, but to no avail, to wear through the knickers they had us try out. I could not endorse these pants enough, the padded ass and chain clearing length are perfect for riding in. I also don’t get tired of people commenting and complimenting me on their style. Working where I do, standing and running around in a print shop, they don’t present any problems either.

So enjoy Chrome, Cranked sure does! Chrome also was exceptionally eager to get in the pages of Cranked and for that we can not thank them heartily enough. This kind of enthusiasm and support is awesome. You can see their advertisement here, found in issue five of Cranked Magazine:

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