Submission Guidelines

You’ve all heard us state that Cranked is eager to have magazine content submitted from it’s readers and the cycling community; well, here’s a bit of information and guidelines as to what we’re looking for. Everything is easily communicated to us via [email]( but if you have some larger files you’d like to send we can accept discs in the mail or sent via FTP.


* Alleycat and race recaps:
* These can be as brief or as long as you want to be compiled into the Pacific NW Race News column.
* Bicycle Noose:
* There’s a constant stream of news online, anything online and elsewhere that you see that’s interesting on bikes and is ***verifiable***, send it in.
* Bicycle Polo Stories/Commentary/Accounts:
* Play polo, love the game, tell us about it. Got a mallet-cam, *dooood*, send those in! Curious about it, ask [Mr. Polo] some questions or share your stories with him.

**Upcoming issue concepts to git yer brain goin’:**
* Cargo Bikes and Utility Cycling*
* Movie stills and stories about Film and Bikes*
* Woman in Cycling*

* Images: RAW, JPG, TIF, Photoshop — 400dpi on all submitted images. *(200dpi at the lowest and only if they’re really spectacular).*

* Layouts: Preferably InDesign, but PDF, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Quark are also acceptable — with all links and fonts included.

* Text: Plain text files work well enough, but RTF and MS Word are good — minor formatting please.

* A brief biography about you. We’d like to know a bit about who’s behind the camera, or who’s managing the words.

**Contact Info:**
* Just the usual stuff in case the copyright people come after you, we’ll know where to send them. J/K.

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