(Michael Webber—Editor & Publisher… and now website maintenance only, as the editing and publishing is no longer a task considering the magazine is no longer being published)

Cranked Contributors:


With every issue, crankedmag expanded its list of writers and photographers—this fact alone really made it a great project, and I still want to thank them all by introducing you to them, check ’em out:

Adam Sinding
Al Brown
Amara Boursaw
Amy Stork
Andy White
Ben Guzman
Ben Richards
Cas Webber
Chris Radforth
Charles Stuart
Daniel Kopald
Denny Trimble
Dustin Klein
Hotte Kiessling
Ian Paterson
Lee Williams
LJ Mcallister
Phil Petrocelli
Rhiannon Coppin
Robert Kittilson
Seth Holton
Stefano Dragonetti