I recently posted a unicycle on craigslist for sale. It’s one I’ve had sitting in the apartment for a while and have never actually picked up to try out. (Well actually a couple of times, fruitlessly of course). But I’ve had a couple of hits on the ad and thought maybe I should check out what they go for at retail.

I came across this site: unicycle.com and got what I needed. Curiosity got me to check out what an “impossible wheel” is. Wow, is all I can say. And then there’s this youtube video of one being used: appreciate the metal if you must.


There’s many things to look forward to moving to a new city. The research done prior to relocating is usually pretty exciting too; learning from afar about things in your potential new home town. When I moved to Seattle some eleven or so years ago, I didn’t do much internet research, even if I had, I wouldn’t have had the internet of today: Google Maps, unique and descriptive blogs, so many ways to find information. My initial research those years ago made me think it’d be no problem riding from Fauntleroy in far West Seattle to the University of Washington. Sure I could do it now, but back then, I had no idea what the terrain and streetscape was like between those two destinations. The AAA map I had of the city didn’t describe true enough what the route would be. I moved to Seattle nonetheless—albeit never to West Seattle.

Looking into other cities nowadays is pretty easy; and one of the things I’m looking into is the bike infrastructure and culture of cities other than Seattle. Finding this video was remarkably satisfying and entertaining:

From the TARC website.

Finding an equivalent of Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan was also very appreciated. It’s all in context of course, but positivity goes a long way in my book. A program labeled the Bike Friendly Plan is something I’d put my energy into. It sounds welcoming and encouraging as opposed to the iron fist of a master plan. This might, or might not, just be one of those greener grass issues. We’ll just have to see won’t we?