Waterford’s The Joust. Cool polo bike—first of it’s kind from what I heard told, and I got to ride it for it’s virgin match. Pure awesomeness. Better awesomeness would have been able to play indoors next to the convention but we got kicked out. Tucker’s connections didn’t work too well with the shortsighted convention management that sent security on us. So out into the cold it was.


Back to the awesomeness. The Joust. To be fair, the dude Corey had dibs on it, but he was a southpaw and abandoned the Joust after a quick ten seconds, so I offered him my fixie and swapped him for the virginal ride. I scored a goal with it and everything.

Sweet looking bike. Nice high bottom bracket, comfy wheelbase, and stiff Zipp carbon stem which overshadowed the minor wheel misalignment. The immediate thing everyone seemed to agree on was the bar width—a good six inches too wide on each side I’d say. The Cane Creek brakes skidded nicely. And the cranks with one-piece chainring/bashguard looked hot and rode stiff, nice choice on the Odyssey pedals, it was nice to finally try those out.

It’s fixed wheel prototype was present and was a bit zippier in it’s handling. 650c wheels I think I overheard it equipped with. This Joust rode with Velocity CliffHanger 26ers. Evidently the Joust is currently available for sale as polo bikes.


I’ll write more about NAHBS perhaps tomorrow and probably upload more photos then too, for now, I just needed to get the Joust’s excitement off my chest. A big thanks to Tucker for letting us get to ride this bike, and getting people together for polo action in Indy.