Big Dummy Build

Wright Bros has been fortunate enough to get a Big Dummy to work on. It’s a rad little (but big) machine. The second we threw on the wheels it reminded me of some low-rider Harley or something totally badass. Maybe it was the tires, maybe it was the fresh black powdercoating. I don’t know, but this bike is made to haul some loads. I’m actually tempted to try to get one myself.

After the requisite frame prep, so far we’ve put the wheels and discs on it, as well as the crankset and bottom bracket and are wondering if those too cool tires might be a bit too big. The Surly folks say 2.5″ tires are copacetic, but it seems as though we’re going to have to do some spacing magic to prevent the chain from rubbing the rear tire.

So far these are the photos I’ve taken of it. Isn’t the new powdercoat a nice look?


Hopefully the bike’s owner will bring in the rest of the components (handlebars, stem, etc.) so we can finish the build before I take off for UBI. Hopefully: because I’m dying to test ride it.