Clinton Street—April 11

If there were any doubts as to the urgency to get down to Portland next week for Filmed by Bike then dash them now! I just received an update telling that there will be on-street parking for your bicycles attending the show. Evidently this is attributed to Kryptonite, and I’m anxious to see how they’re pulling it off. Will it be valet service? or actual racks to lock to in place of where cars park? Either way it’ll be a welcome change from previous years of FBB and the tangle of bikes found on trees, posts, and random piles. I guess the entire south side of Clinton Street will be designated for bike parking. It is really better that way, I agree!

Also at Clinton Street Theater, before and probably during the show, there’ll be a collection for used bike tubes. Alchemy Goods as most of us might be aware constructs their bags by reusing bicycle inner tubes. (These guys got mentioned briefly in a past issue of Cranked.) Bringing some of those tubes laying around your house, your shop, in your bag would be better than letting them find their ways to a landfill.

And yet another reason to get to the show—beyond the sure to be awesome bike related films—is apparently a dance troupe by the name of Hoop Shine. Hula hoop dancing only at the 9:00 Friday show.

Filmed by Bike is going on for the greater part of the weekend, make sure you get there for some part of it at least; the opening night throwdown of course is when the big excitement happens. Make sure to check out their site for the latest info, details, directions, and all that.