I’m Not Near Portland Anymore…

which is sort of lame for a number of reasons, but the biggest of all is that I won’t be able to easily get to Filmed by Bike. I won’t be able to go at all.

This will be the first year in three that I’ll be missing it. Last year was totally kick ass. Same with the year before that. And honestly, the ’06 show was pretty eff’ing rock ‘n’ roll too. Filmed by Bike has a good formula.

From what the dispatches have been saying, the ’09 show (taking place this weekend coming up) isn’t going to disappoint. In fact, it sounds like it’s going to be fantastically awesome—maybe more so than any year previous.

Wish I could be there. Maybe I’ll just have to settle for a t-shirt this year…. Get yours too!

Rock on Ayleen et al, good luck this weekend!

On Our Way

Yep, we’re heading down to Portland for the weekend (do it!) for a great time, and then James and I are cruising down to UBI for our stay in Ashland. I’m just barely set to go, a few more things to pack up and such. One thing I’m set on is toiletries, just last weekend at the Dead Baby Office Chair Downhill I ran into the fine gentleman Joby who was kind enough to share with me a brand new “In Flight Shoebag Amenity Kit” I’ll be sleeping with American Airline’s style in my bunk at the CycleHostel in Ashland: eyeshades, earplugs, & socks after just using the included toothbrush, plastic toothpick and likely towelettes…. Thanks Joby!

The site might be a little quiet for the next couple weeks unless someone lets me use their iPhone to post UBI updates of course. I’ll probably have a good deal to share about UBI when I get back so stay tuned. Being away for these two weeks will also prevent me from shipping out magazines, feel free to order them while I’m away, they’ll ship out immediately the day I get back.

Clinton Street—April 11

If there were any doubts as to the urgency to get down to Portland next week for Filmed by Bike then dash them now! I just received an update telling that there will be on-street parking for your bicycles attending the show. Evidently this is attributed to Kryptonite, and I’m anxious to see how they’re pulling it off. Will it be valet service? or actual racks to lock to in place of where cars park? Either way it’ll be a welcome change from previous years of FBB and the tangle of bikes found on trees, posts, and random piles. I guess the entire south side of Clinton Street will be designated for bike parking. It is really better that way, I agree!

Also at Clinton Street Theater, before and probably during the show, there’ll be a collection for used bike tubes. Alchemy Goods as most of us might be aware constructs their bags by reusing bicycle inner tubes. (These guys got mentioned briefly in a past issue of Cranked.) Bringing some of those tubes laying around your house, your shop, in your bag would be better than letting them find their ways to a landfill.

And yet another reason to get to the show—beyond the sure to be awesome bike related films—is apparently a dance troupe by the name of Hoop Shine. Hula hoop dancing only at the 9:00 Friday show.

Filmed by Bike is going on for the greater part of the weekend, make sure you get there for some part of it at least; the opening night throwdown of course is when the big excitement happens. Make sure to check out their site for the latest info, details, directions, and all that.


This next month coming up is going to be a busy one. I’m excited.

All will be normal until Friday the 11th when my wife and I, along with James & Shellie will be heading down via Amtrak to Portland, Oregon to enjoy the wild festivities on Clinton Street. That’s right, Filmed by Bike.

Do it yourself, get down there, bring some old tubes I hear, watch what are expected to be some great bike movies!

There’s been some chatter about it around town up here I’ve heard, and seen…


Anyone have some floor or space to let four friendly bikers crash for a few nights in Portland?