It’s the Vibrator!!!

Holy Shit! It’s the Vibrator!

The shirts are being printed now! We’re lining up all our prizes! We’ve got an awesome dinner and breakfast hooked up. We’re also nailing down polo for Sunday. The forecast is sunny sunny sunny!




and Sunday!

If you’d like to race the time trial you have 3 options for ferry times. They are as follows…




So get on one of those ferries and you’re set. You’ll be racing from the ferry dock on the Island. You’ll figure it out when you get there. It’s the only thing concerning bikes going on over there.

And if time trial road things are you’re style, you’ve got the Vibrator. We’ve got Pabst and two kegs of Pacific Rim’s Vashon Ale so get there early and help us get started. Of course if you’d like to register beforehand, go here and do so.

If you have any other questions email us!

See you Saturday.


A little info

So if you visit this site regularly or rarely you might have noticed a lull. Well there’s a reason.

It used to be that Michael and I worked at the same place. We hated our jobs and like everyone else talked endlessly about quitting. One day I decided that I was tired of the same crap so I put in my notice. Michael did the same a couple days later and we rejoiced over the idea of working on the magazine full time. This little publication is a full time job to us, but it makes no money. In fact it’s so expensive to do what we’ve been doing that it’s downright depressing from time to time.

Once I was job free my life got a bit hectic. I started another job doing some design work and picked up a couple days a week working as a courier. Then my sister got married. Then we had family in town. And next week I’m getting married. Things have been really really stressful, but the light is close. I can see it.

So we’re still working on this last one. It’s going to be a couple days late, but it’ll be worth it. Almost every single page is full of content. This issue kicks ass.

Just you wait and see.


It’s almost August

We’re furiously putting this issue together. Somehow our lives got all hectic and now we’re a bit behind. That’s the way life is right? Right?

Well you may be interested to know that Pabst is sponsoring the Vibrator this year. That’s right. Free beer. What a magnificent idea. I think I’ll take it. So should you. Come out and race, ride, eat, and drink. And I can’t fucking wait. The one other thing I’m almost more excited for is the Dead Baby Downhill coming up next Friday. I’ll be serving beer, so come on by and get wasted.

On a whole different note, Seattle has been suffering a heat wave. It’s nothing to joke about. It’s been in the high 80’s and low 90’s. It’s perfect weather to jump on the bike and ride.


Kings of New England

We’re always excited to hear about events and stories from people out there. We just got this email from Dan Chabonov who won a subscription to Cranked Magazine (not to mention a new Bareknuckle) for his efforts in the Kings of New England Alleycat. Sounds like a champ for sure.

…I definetly raced my ass for that frame though. Friday night scavenger hunt allycat was by far the most mellow part of the weekend( I placed 7th thanks to two guys; TJ and Shane who also gave me floor to sleep on). Saturdays, time trial from hartford to new haven was brutal especially on a track bike. Rolling highway hills, headwind, and 90+ weather. Before that race one of the organisers was joking with me about sticking it to the rodies. Two hours latter I crossed the finish line as the first track bike and first rider overall the fixie camp cheered and the rodie camp was in disbelief. The final day of racing it got even hotter. We had two manifests and 2 and a half hours to do both. half way through manifest two our gide got his second flat and colapsed from heat exaustion. Gave us the map and told us to go. Half an hour latter after getting on I – 95 for an exit and jumping some deviders as well as running down some hills followed by taking every single wrong way street to the drop off point TJ Shane and myself handed in our compleated second manifest with 1 min to spare. We we’re the only 3 racers to finish that task. After that we had to follow clues that took us to difrent parts of new haven and eventually led us to the finish. When we finished Matt asked us to deliberate and give him the top 3 that we decided on. We deliberated over some watermelon. TJ took third because he did not race day two due to alcahol poisoning from friday night. I took second because those were all the points i needed for the overall title. And Shane took first which bumped him in too number two overal. Most everyone rode to Toms for a shower then to Rudy’s to eat drink and celebrate before the official ‘afterparty’.

Thanks for sharing Dan.

Got a story of your own, share it, tell us about it, we know you’re out there. You’ll have opportunity to have your own similar account with some of the other races going on this summer, especially the Vibrator (sign up) and of course, the annual Dead Baby Downhill, and this year’s Grape Ape, the Grapes of Wrath. Get out there!



First things first. Vibrator. Register here.

Yes, we’re still typing away, searching for just the right image for this page and that. Issue #4 is still being put together, it’ll get there. Indeed times are hectic. It’s nice being unemployed for the moment, getting some real work done! (Anyone hiring?)

It was great getting out of the city and travelling a bit. Seeing Oklahoma and the Midwest was a lot more interesting than I was expecting, it was a whole lot flippin’ hotter than I was expecting too. I didn’t bring my bike, so I didn’t risk the heat stroke I’d probably get. Everyone I met out there couldn’t have been nicer, super relaxed and casual—very friendly. It’ll be nice having family out there.

The summer has been great! Have definitely seen a drop in the events getting sent to us to update our calendar with, if you’re planning a race, ride, event of any kind, don’t forget send us your flyer and information! Also, don’t forget the Vibrator is coming up, we’re handling a bunch of the logistics and planning, so make sure to check here often for updates on it, and I insist, sign up ahead of time so we can start getting a head-count. Register here— Vibrator Registration. More sponsors are coming in, but more are needed, so don’t be shy—it’s gonna be a great time and totally worth it.


We’re almost there!

Hey! It’s been a while since we put words on this page. Michael was in Oklahoma, I know I know, Justin threw another Uphill Sprints, and I’ve been working as a courier in Seattle. Times are hectic!

We’re furiously typing and mouse moving to put this new issue together. We’ve been receiving photos from all over and it’s really putting things in a new light. The content is really great this time around and we’re sure you’re all going to love it.

And next thing you know it’s going to be time for Issue #5. It’s a never ending circle. We’re glad you’re along for the ride with us.


Issue #1

So, just a quick note…

You’ll notice the Clog looks a bit different, and if you look closer, you’ll notice it works a bit smoother—I’m learning, so there may be some future tweaking as well.

The Clog, as you may or may not know, is basically the Cranked Blog. We’ll be updating it frequently as news comes in, as curiosities cross our paths, and essentially just whenever we feel like it. We welcome any comments that you may have, so comment away!

What else is new at this moment, well, we’ve got copies of issue #1 available now, so please visit our store and order yourself up some copies of back issues. There have been quite a number of requests for it, so jump on it, still limited quantities, but they should last a while. There are also still some back issue copies of #2, and we’re still selling #3 as the current issue. Issue #4 will be due out in the beginning of August.

I’m travelling to the Midwest for the first time in my life tomorrow. My girlfriend and I are delivering her car there, and I’m meeting her family. Should be a great time. I unfortunately won’t have a bike with me for the ten days we’ll be out of town, so if there’s anyone out there in the northeast area of ol’ Oklahoma that has a couple extra bikes, let’s all hook up and go for a ride.

Well, for the time being, peace out!


Crazy commuters

Things I love are irrate bicycle commuters who will chase you down to yell at you.

It’s been a long day. I’m headed home up 15th NW and I’m having a hard time. Yesterday I was out riding bmx and whacked the inside of my ankle pretty hard on my crank. So every pedalstroke I take hurts really bad. But what can you do?

So I come to Dravus and exit for some reason. I stop at the light and sit down on the seat. I decide to wait for the break while I check out the bike next to me. Goofy looking guy with a lopsided helmet, and a junky mountain bike is basically doing the splits. His bike is so far from the curb that he’s holding his balance on the curb with his toes. Finally the break comes and I dart.

“Bike messengers know what red lights mean!”

Haha. I blew a kiss at him and pedaled off.

As I’m cruising across the Ballard Bridge I catch a look and he’s hauling ass my way. Awesome. Please tell me what you think.

He catches up and starts yelling at me. I can’t make much out beyond

“You’re the reason we have problems with cars” or something

“Who do you think you are” and other similar stuff.

I turned left and he circled the intersection. Funny stuff.

A few minutes later I stopped for some beer and as I’m about to pedal away I see him cruising on Market in the fucking left lane. He’s got no intention of turning. Instead he’s going to ride down to 22nd in the left lane the whole time.

What a great ride home.


Interesting Weekend…

First off, Daniel! Where are you?! {this “likeness” seen on Capitol Hill, Seattle}


I’ve gotten started on building my new bike, Coppi, pretty nice, just sunk my headset—hey, it’s a start. But the best part was seeing Zack at Wright Bros. he seemed in good positive spirits. There to collect the testimony that witnesses had turned in for his defense for his case against those violent rights violators with the King County Sheriff’s Department. Read some of the on going discussion and witness accounts here, here, here, and here.

Other news…

We’ve finally gotten our reprints of issue #1 made, bound and ready to ship. If you’d like a copy, check out the new “active” button for issue #1 on our store page. We know many of you have requested a look at our first issue—so the soup’s on, come and get it! Issue #1 is obviously our debut issue, and you’ll have a chance to see how much (or little) we’ve changed, we hope you enjoy it.

And random…

A very suspy individual pulled up in this (and actually parallel parked) and rushed away on foot, while Brooke and I were eating burritos at Bimbo’s. Seeming hit-and-run by the number of interested police in the area, by my guess…

…just another reason that cars are just plain dangerous…



Evidently the Critical Mass I miss, there’s a serious showdown with cops and Massers. Not at all happy to have missed this action, but more not at all happy that it happened at all.

Some of the witness accounts so far indictate the police were in the wrong. The officers did not identify themselves immediately and really looked as though they were generally up to no good.

  • I witnessed this entire incident from about 5 feet, and we’re both ready to help out however we can. Long story short… the officers were extremely aggressive from the outset. Jumped out of the van and instigated a confrontation, and did not identify themselves as law enforcement until well after the conflict rose to a boiling point.


  • I witnessed the assault on the two bicyclists – I was about ten feet away. The three men who later identified themselves as police initially appeared to be gangstas looking for a brawl. They had on the usual baggy clothing, flashy jewelry, and tattooos, no uniforms. One of them knocked down a bicyclist with no real warning, and further assaulted the fallen cyclist who was now lying on the street tangled up with his bicycle. Several people pulled the perpetrator off, at which time two more people who later identified themselves as police jumped in. But they in no way identified themselves until more people had almost pulled the three attackers off the person who was fallen and immobilized. At that point they then knocked down another bike rider. They then properly identified themselves as police.

and just wow…

  • when three beefy coked out dudes jumped out of a brown van and started yelling

Sounds like bad news all around. But if there are any suggestions as to what to do for these Massers, let us know, or better yet, follow and post to this thread here, these point83er’s are covering all the bases, but anything extra would be helpful I’m sure. I’m about to head down to the hearing—we gotta show our support for Zack and Jace—you should too:

King County Court House Plaza Entrance
5th and James St.
11:30 AM
(dignified attire)