Wright Brothers Cycle Works

Many of you I’m sure have noticed the Wright Brother’s ads in the pages of Cranked, as I’m sure you’ve noticed the frequent mention of the shop throughout this website’s blog posts. It is one of my favorite shops in the city, and when I get a chance to work on my bike, this is the place I go to.

They offer classes to learn how to fix your bike. I say they, but I really mean Charles, it’s seemingly a one man operation there. He’s of the philosophy that knowledge shouldn’t be hoarded and kept secret, but rather shared and spread wide. I couldn’t agree more. It’s nice to know how to fix your own bike, build your own wheels, and just be generally self-reliant. I have been extremely thankful for his contribution to Cranked Magazine, donating the wheelset for the Anniversary issue wheelset raffle was way beyond the mark of being a part of the community. For the person that wins them they will enjoy quality wheels indeed!

If you’re in the Seattle area, and haven’t been there yet, make a point to drop in. There’s very nearly always an interesting conversation going on there, and you’ll surely walk away with some level of amazement and education.

Here’s their advertisement from issue five of Cranked Magazine, turning nipples and bending ears:

Also, here’s some of the other ads of theirs you may have seen:

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