I’m Not Near Portland Anymore…

which is sort of lame for a number of reasons, but the biggest of all is that I won’t be able to easily get to Filmed by Bike. I won’t be able to go at all.

This will be the first year in three that I’ll be missing it. Last year was totally kick ass. Same with the year before that. And honestly, the ’06 show was pretty eff’ing rock ‘n’ roll too. Filmed by Bike has a good formula.

From what the dispatches have been saying, the ’09 show (taking place this weekend coming up) isn’t going to disappoint. In fact, it sounds like it’s going to be fantastically awesome—maybe more so than any year previous.

Wish I could be there. Maybe I’ll just have to settle for a t-shirt this year…. Get yours too!

Rock on Ayleen et al, good luck this weekend!

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