Post Arrival

We’ve made it to Louisville, Kentucky. It was a quick trip across, we’ve been here just over a week, and we’re just about settled. Old Louisville: cool, eclectic, part of town (loving this place, where I’m at right now). Bike Couriers: very cool bike shop, really Louisville’s only urban, inner-city shop (website updating soon); very Magna-rific at times.

I don’t have the internet at my leisure just yet, so this is an extremely brief post.

Bike racks here look like this:


sometimes like this:


and more commonly, like this:


3 thoughts on “Post Arrival”

  1. good to hear that all is well my friend. There is one thing that has been plaguing my mind since you left: With Michael gone, who will take photos of delivery trucks illegally parked in bike lanes?


  2. Welcome my friend. I might be in Louisville for the Iron Man, I think it’s Lousiville anyway. If I do make it up there I’ll definately give you a call. If not then we’ll have to meet up sometime and do some riding or just drink alot.


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