Interactive Expectations

It’s nice to know when your expectations are confirmed. There are certain people in this town that more often than not fulfill my expectations. This isn’t to say I’m exactly happy to get derisive and smug glares from certain folks downtown; I’m really just surprised it’s so consistent. I expect certain people to remain smug and negative—I suspect it’s in their blood. However, it’s admittedly kind of confusing to get that reaction in response to a simple head-nod. Oh well, moving on. The other side of the coin to this is coming to expect positive interactions from others.

Craig—always upbeat it seems (article on him from the last print issue). It was cool running into him the other day on Eastlake. I don’t get south of Lake Union that much anymore, but lately my errand-running is taking me and my B.O.B trailer everywhere. Chatting with Billy at Monorail a few weeks ago—another positive experience. Seeing Terry almost every time I turn around is a nice surprise too. Meeting and talking with Dave at the Dutch Bike shop was very cool. There have been many more lately I could list.

I’m not really sure why, but I may stammer my words and not always have something witty or even coherent to say, but I am genuine when I say it excites me and stokes me out when I run into positive people that are open to talk and exhibit happiness. These experiences, no matter how brief or insubstantial they might be, linger. They actually affect my interactions with others moments or even hours later. It’s good to be able to recognize them individually as such; instead of pondering the negativity, I’ll recognize it for what it is and push the bad aside. Maybe this will direct me into some state of nirvana bliss one day.


These positive interactions with people around town are some of the things I’ll miss about Seattle. The amount of negative interactions and experiences I’ve gotten from others also isn’t why I’m leaving, they’ll just be happily gone from my immediate world and hopefully replaced with more cheerfulness and optimism.

One thought on “Interactive Expectations”

  1. I agree completely with what you said about how even short chance meetings with people who are positive can affect you even hours later. I am the same way. Good reason for us to turn a smile to the world as we move through it. 🙂 –Holly


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