Bike Imagery

In all honesty I’m glad to see more bikes on the road. That gas price is not coming down and dude, it’s great to see people seeing the light! I’ve been seeing more bikes in other places too besides the road and trail. Marketing! I know I’m not a marketing genius but using bikes to make things more sellable can be a good thing. (I’ve seen examples of where it’s a bad—or maybe a dishonest or irrelevant—thing too.)

But what’s good? Wine is good. I bet I’m not the only one that grabs a bottle with some level of choice going to the label. I was at one point in time an assistant sommelier so I know a couple things about wine, but with so many affordable choices out there, sometimes it’s the label that pushes it into my bag. My all time favorite so far was the Cono Sur Cabernet Sauvignon/Carménère made from organically grown grapes. That’s cool, but so is the sweet citybike graphic they used:

Seriously though, this was awesome wine, if you can find it buy yourself a bottle. But also buy me one too.

There’s this commonly seen image out around too, this wine is good too for the price. We’ve actually got a great piece of art on our wall with an original design of this:


With a friendly French spelling:


I’ve never had either of these, but check out the bikes:

DSC00032.JPG DSC00025.JPG

I guess it just matters what you’re into, I’m into bikes and I like wine so I’m alright with it. It looks like dogs are a pretty popular image to push wine as well; I like dogs, sadly my landlord doesn’t:



Not the Mad Dog I remember:

Perhaps a more dignified version of Mad Dog?

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