Well, if you haven’t noticed the new ads to the right of your screen I’ll give some assistance. To your right is a new ad for the ever-wonderful Filmed by Bike film festival. Get your super-8’s, handicams, pinhole cameras ready and submit a film, you’ve got until the 1st of March which isn’t soon I know, but it’ll be here sooner than you think. More on this later I’m sure!

In the other worlds of performance and showmanship there’s something that will appease the DIY, human-powered crowd. Those that aspire to create electricity with their pedals, getting off the grid so to speak, Annex Theatre is putting together a show for their upcoming season that’s going to be bicycle powered. The set will be lit by human generated electricity. (Wright Bros donated an old BMX frame for the cause.) Below is an example of the machine in action:

As it is still in its early production phases, auditions are still open if you’re interested, check the show’s site out here: Keep the Light On. The world premiere of this show will be running from February 8th through March 8th and is sure to be innovative and exciting. Hang up the laptop and the Atari, unplug yourself and don’t forget about theater—it’s the original “entertainment”!

One thought on “Performance”

  1. this is not at all related to your post.
    I am going down to Portland on the 16th for two days and a night. I will have tour guides and hopefully they will have bikes but if not, what should I check out? Where should I go?


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