So last night I rode up to polo, waited around a bit with Messman for more players to arrive and got to show off the Montague Military Technology folding Paratrooper mountain bike.

No tools required to fold and stash in your Humvee.

Just what anyone needs after a hearty game or two of polo. Actually, apart from the front disk brake sending me into the handlebars (prior to switching the brake cables for proper polo play) the Paratrooper did pretty alright for polo. If the swollen knee starts feeling better I plan on taking it on some dirt jumps and see how it thrashes on some real terrain. There’s obviously the temptation to modify the folding mechanism and try it as a swing bike too.

The inspiration for this bike of course is the soon to be printed issue five of Cranked. There’s a fun dirt and off-road theme in it; considering I personally know next to nothing about mountain biking, I thought it’d be good to try some of it out. Save me a spot in the ER please.

…and a note to Justin, when you get this thing, remember, the brake cables are switched!

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