Bag review: The beer test.

I’ve been rocking this Chrome bag for the last few weeks. It’s not my 1st Chrome bag; I’ve had one of these for 4 years.

This backpack is great. Standard Chrome toughness, water proof and fits well. Tonight I decided to perform the most crucial of tests, buying beer.

A new Whole Foods opened up the street so I stopped in on my way to the boat. After a quick review of the selection, (nothing cheap!) I grabbed the Snow Cap, yum. I chose the 12 pack. It comes in a sturdy, colorful box. Typically I assimilate weight with quality. Heavy bottles, enclosed in a heavy box means I can carry it with one hand and my Tofurkey in the other right?

Walking up to the cashier, I began to move the Snow Cap up onto the conveyor belt with a smooth pendulum motion. About a inch before the box was to land smoothly on the belt it exploded in a mess of colorful cardboard, two seconds later the whole thing lands on the nice new floor with a sharp thud; thick foamy brown ale bleeding from every crack in the damn thing.

The Tofurkey made a safe landing on the belt and I made haste to pick out another box for my all important beer bag test.

Many apologies and a whole lot of pushing, wiggling and cursing the beer was safely wedged in the Chrome bag. Tofurkey safely resting on top for the ride home.

The final out come: when carrying heavy shit two straps are more comfortable than one.

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