Much Appreciated!

Speaking of rad pants (from last post of Jason’s) we have yet to publicly thank Chrome for the sweet pants they let us try out. These knickers have really kicked some ass. Nice and stretchy, quick drying material; these things have really held up since the time we got them just after our trip to Vegas. Their length is perfect for me and the quick drying [gotta mention it again it’s so good] has been beneficial these past few weeks of torrential weather here in Seattle. I don’t worry one bit about pneumonia after I get to work sopping wet. One other comment about them, they look good, I know this because I’ve had three of four people ask what kind of pants they are and where can they get them… Chrome.

I’ve got some more appreciation to go around still yet! Who else is rad at right now? One On One Bicycle Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota that’s who. Them and The Hub Providence in Providence, Rhode Island. These two shops are the newest outfits to carry Cranked Magazine on their shelves. Welcome to the Cranked community; and thank all of you in the Cranked community. You’ll notice a few new names in our list of shops, especially down in Portland too (Revolver, Hollywood Cycling, and Coventry).

Thanks again to all of you and everyone else on our long list of thanks, you know you’re on it and will always be appreciated.

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