Wait, I think I’m going to be sick…

It is my opinion that taking a weekend in Portland can be the one of the best possible ways for me to remember exactly what it is about bikes that keeps me so fascinated. This weekend in particular will remain in my memory until I’m senile.

Saturday morning the weather was a bit indecisive. A quick spin around town turned into a city-wide tour and eventually the sun came out. I knew I would be participating in the Velorrito later in the day, and the morning ride helped me understand my routing a bit more.

Finally 3pm. About 25-30 people arrived at the park. Lots of fancy looking bikes arrived and I began to feel a bit intimidated. Manifests were handed out. Very abruptly the race started and my heart was racing as well.

First stop was 21st+Burnside. I asked for a small burrito and they gave me a large. Damn. I started eating and was making gains on Sharky. He finished first and bolted east.

I followed a minute later and aimed for 58th+Glisan. Upon arrival I found out I’d be coming back to the same spot again, thus fucking up my planned routing. Oh well. I maintained and moved on.

I climbed up 47th moving towards Alberta when the burrito made it’s first attempt to leave my body. It stayed down. A quick stop at 28th+Alberta and I was once again flying. A headwind kept things interesting and so did the Aerostar that tried to run me down. A quick game of cat and mouse got my heart moving and eventually I settled into a nice cadence down Vancouver. I hate dirty minivans.

Across the Broadway bridge and 7th+Ankeny was finished. I found the Morrison Bridge and pretended to not see the “no-bicycles” sign. Jumped up on the curb and I was over the bridge quickly.

I wasn’t sure where 812 Mill was at first but I had a map and shortly after I had a route. I arrived thinking I was going to be getting a nice cold beer. Turns out I was supposed to bring them some. Suckers.

The sprint down Milwaukee really gave me time to feel sick with that lead burrito in my stomach. Why did I get beans? I made it to 16th+Bybee and was handed a die. I rolled a 4 resulting in a shot of green hot sauce. It burned even after I swallowed too much water.

As I was moving north again I made a quick decision to try a shortcut. It worked and I shaved a couple minutes. Utilizing the many quiet streets Portland made getting back to 58th+Glisan fairly easy. I ate my second burrito there and it was slooooow going. Sharky was the only one who had been through so I took my time. Second was fine with me.

I walked away with a nice hat, a bottle of vodka, and a sixer of beer. Not bad for wanting to puke burritos all day. The party after was nice. The beer was good. And Portland is full of great people.

I finally made it to polo on Sunday. I only got one game in and next time I’m bringing my mallet. Portland is good. It would have been nice to stick around for a while longer, but we had a drive ahead of us. So off we went.

In other polo news, Seattle polo is now on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Now what’s your excuse?


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