Old Friends

Summer seems to be running late this year. I’ve been riding in a t-shirt lately, some days I even bring out the sunglasses. But even still I keep a rain shell tucked in my bag. I love the feel of the city on sunny days, finding yourself taking the long route home, just because. Exploring different neighborhoods, going down that street just to see where it leads, scouting hills for the Uphill Sprints, this is what makes summer in the city so rad. With the day light looming about late into the night I’ve been running into old friends more often. Tuesday night Jason and I crossed path with a heard of point83er’s. They all had smiles on there faces and the sun on their backs. On Wednesday I ran into an old friend Colin, well acutely he ran into me, rather dramatically, throwing his hands in the air and spewing all sorts of gangsta talk. Damn street thugs. Last night I saw Sam S. climbing up 1st Ave. He was out on his track bike, riding some fancy new cranks. It’s really nice to see him back on his bike. Look for him tearing up the track this summer! Race three in the Uphill Sprint Series is tomorrow. Since the days are longer, the race will probably start a little later, like 7ish. If you’re pressed for time this should give you a little extra time to roll down to the start at 500 Boren. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for sunshine, but I’ll probably still have my shell in my bag.


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