Alright, here’s something to impress. I’ve done the STP twice, last year in one day; I was proud of myself. Two hundred miles in a day, double century. “Big whoop really,” some of us could say. It was relatively easy in my opinion. That said, I’ll admit I didn’t do much riding the next day, sort of took it easy, gave my ass a break you could say.

Well, I just got off the phone with Daniel and when he tells me with only a few day’s break he’s been riding around Minneapolis, visiting shops, friends, and just cruising around, I’m extremely impressed.

Now when he told me that he’s going to compete in some time trial there tonight, well, I just feel really small and weak. Daniel is a monster who evidently feels no pain, and when he does, he simply adapts. When the bonch starts hurting, when the ass can’t take it any longer, he simply stands up. Riding several hundred miles out of the saddle is a feat unto itself. If I understood him correctly, he told me he completed his crossing of South Dakota in one day! South Dakota is 380 miles across west to east.

We can’t wait to see you again, even if it means you dusting us with veritable ease!


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